Blueprint for a Book Workshops

A proven system to help you nail the foundation of your novel and write forward with confidence. Blueprint is available in several different versions to meet your specific needs.

  • A 6-Week Workshop with weekly feedback
  • A one-day intensive workshop
  • Self-paced 

Story Genius Method Writing Workshop

Forget everything you thought you knew about plotting, story structure and beats. This isn't your typical writing workshop. Lisa Cron's Story Genius Method flips what you know about story on it's head. In this workshop, you'll dig deep, deep, deep into your story and characters to develop a story that will have readers hanging on every word. There are several versions of this workshop available:

  • A 10-Week workshop with weekly feedback
  • A PREMIUM workshop with live Q&As from Lisa Cron and Jennie Nash
  • Self-Paced

Jennie Nash Edit.png

Weekly Book Coaching

You know those personal trainers you see on The Biggest Loser (the ones yelling at the contestants to push harder, do more, etc.)? Yeah, that's not what we do. But we will keep you accountable. We will offer you support. And most importantly, we will help you make your book stronger. You can think of our coaching programs as a personal trainer for your writing life. Someone who is invested in your success. Our coaching programs come in three flavors:

  • Advanced - 10 pages a week for $199/mo
  • Pro - 20 pages a week for $399/mo
  • Premium - 30+ pages a week for $1999/mo