Blueprint for a Book Survey for Receiving Feedback

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Where are you in the book-writing process? *
Where to start the story? What the story is really about? Length – too long, too short? What your protagonist wants? Multiple points of view? Structure? Anything having to do with marketing, pitching, querying? Holding yourself accountable? Finding time to write? Doubting whether it's any good?
What are you publishing goals? *
Remember that we have no clue whatsoever. Help us see your book on the shelf. Pretend you are writing copy for the book jacket — entice a reader by explaining what the book is about, but also get at why the reader might care. For examples, check out the write-ups for books on, or pull a book off your shelf and read the description, found either on the back (paperback) or the inside cover flap (hardback).
Are you familiar with using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes tool? *
Our book coaches use it to give their feedback, so if you're not familiar with it, we can send you a little tutorial!
What is your T-Shirt Size?
We like to celebrate writer victories. If you'd like to be part of the celebration, please give us your t-shirt size.
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Please upload your Blueprint for a Book workbook (as ONE a Microsoft Word file) using the "SUBMIT YOUR WORKBOOK HERE" button. If you have problems uploading your workbook, please contact us at