It sounds silly, but I feel like a kid in a candy store when [Amy’s] feedback comes in, [her] thoughts and insights help me see where the holes are and every week I feel like I get to know the story a little bit better.

- Kristen Coon about her coach, Amy

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+ I've already started writing my manuscript. Is Blueprint for a Book still for me?

It can be extremely helpful no matter where you are in the writing process to analyze your book and see whether there are weak spots, holes, or elements that need solidifying. You can then go back to your draft and shore those up, knowing that you can write forward with confidence. We will warn, though, that you could end up finding that your story needs a major overhaul – we've seen it happen many times. That can be very difficult for some writers to accept, so if you don't feel open to that possibility, this might not be the best program for you. We would suggest working with one of our book coaches in our weekly program instead, which will allow you to keep up the writing momentum and finish your draft.

+ I haven't written a single page. Is Blueprint for a Book for me?

Absolutely! That's what the Blueprint is designed to do – get you started!

+ Can I watch the video series and/or see the Blueprint Sneak Peek without signing up for the weekend workshop?

Yes! You can watch the video series right on our website for free here: CLICK HERE. And you can check out the Blueprint Sneak Peek for free here: CLICK HERE.

+ Should I watch the video series and/or check out the Blueprint Sneak Peek before I sign up for the weekend workshop?

You certainly can, though it's not a requirement. Blueprint for a Book encompasses the information and advice offered in the video series and sneak peek, so you won't miss anything by not checking them out first. But if you'd like a preview of what Blueprint has to offer, be our guest!

+ What comes after I do Blueprint for a Book?

If you enjoyed the weekly feedback and are ready to begin writing your book, you can smoothly transition into weekly book coaching. The programs are set to flow right into one another, but you're also welcome to take a break – a month, minimum – between them if need be. Just email us at