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Blueprint for a Book Sprint

Build your novel from the ground up

In just ONE weekend (June 22-24, 2018)

It's time to take ownership of your book idea.

In one weekend, you'll develop the foundational elements of your novel, start thinking about the demands of the marketplace, and get crystal-clear on what you need to do to bring your book to life.

Blueprint for a Book goes beyond simply plotting your book. During this weekend intensive with Jennie Nash and the Author Accelerator coaching team, you’ll drill down into the most important elements that will drive your novel forward.

Without these in place before you start writing, you could risk YEARS of frustration and a book that goes NOWHERE. But with them, you will come into your full powers as an author.

Make sure your foundation is strong so you can write forward with confidence.

With Blueprint for a Book Sprint you’ll discover:

  • What's the point of your book?
  • Who is your narrator?
  • Where does the book begin?
  • Where does it end?
  • What happens in the plot? / What is the structure?
  • Who is your ideal reader?
  • How can you best give her what she wants?
  • How can you  finish your book this time -- and finish strong?

The Blueprint Sprint Schedule

Plan to set aside the whole weekend. This is going to be like being in a writing workshop except you'll never leave home. But you need to bring the same mental energy, sense of commitment and purpose to this course as you would any other.

If you must miss any of the live events or writing blocks, but can still make the Sprint work, that's fine. We will record the live events and provide those recordings to you in the classroom. Note, however, that the whole point is to invest in your success -- to set aside the time and make the intention to start your book off right this time.


Plan to spend from 1-5 hours

  • You'll get a welcome video from Jennie.
  • You'll get links to all the live events that will be held over the weekend.
  • You'll get all the lessons we'll be working on over the weekend so you can preview them and know what's coming.
  • You'll get a detailed schedule to plan out your writing time for Saturday and Sunday, and to commit to your goals.
  • Complete Assignment #1 .
    • Complete Assignment #1.5 if you are writing science fiction or fantasy.


Plan to spend from 5-10 hours
Starting at 8:00 AM Pacific/10:00 AM Central/11:00 AM Eastern

  • Include 2 live discussions and 4 blocks of writing time for assignments
  • One opportunity receive live feedback on your story idea
  • The day ends at 6:00 PM Pacific/8:00 PM Central/9:00 PM Eastern


Plan to spend from 5-8 hours
Starting at 8:00 AM Pacific/10:00 AM Central/11:00 AM Eastern

  • Includes 1 live discussion and 1 large block of writing time
  • One opportunity receive live feedback on your story idea
  • Turn in your work within one week to receive personal feedback from your assigned book coach.
Here’s me wearing my imaginary button that says “I survived the Blueprint Sprint” and turning in my workbook. This was such a useful experience.
Thanks to Jennie and Jade for the hard work that made it all actionable.
Glad to know that Author Accelerator has programs for all the next steps I might need.
— Linda Mason

Your Blueprint for a Book Instructor:

Jennie Nash is the founder and chief creative officer of Author Accelerator, a program that brings professional book coaching to writers in all genres. She is a private book coach whose authors regularly land top New York agents and book deals with publishers including Scribner, Simon & Schuster, Hazeldon, Norton and Random House. Several of her writers have also recently won national self-publishing awards.

Blueprint for a Book is a strategic program Jennie developed through many years of guiding writers to start, finish, revise, rescue, and sell books. She has hand-picked all Author Accelerator book coaches and trained them in her Blueprint system.

Jennie is the author of four novels, three memoirs, and counting. These are some of her books:

I am evangelical about the power of Blueprint. I have seen this program literally transform writers from doubt-filled, wanna-be writers who are afraid of their own power to people in full ownership of their book ideas — and guess what? It’s those people who actually finish their books, and finish strong. I’m not kidding when I say that this one weekend can transform your writing life.
— Jennie Nash

What will you get with Blueprint for a Book Sprint?

  • 3 Live Working Sessions lead by Jennie Nash

  • 2 opportunities to get personal live feedback from Jennie Nash

  • Dedicated writing time to work on your book

  • Access to our Sprint Writing Community via Slack

  • Written feedback from a book coach

  • A strong foundation to start writing your book with confidence

Ready to set yourself up for success?

Workshop options:

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is there a refund?

Nope, except for in the case of unavoidable emergency.

+ Can it work if I already have written three chapters or 5 or even have a full draft?

Absolutely. If you want to get back to fundamentals and learn how to get your story RIGHT, this course is perfect

+ Does it work for every genre?

At this time, our Blueprint for a Book Sprint works best for writers working on fiction books. We hope to offer a Sprint weekend soon for writers working on nonfiction or memoir. Complete our Blueprint Q&A and let us know you are interested in a Sprint for nonfiction or memoir.

+ What if I can't participate one of the days?

You can sign up, get the lessons, get the recorded Q&As and do the work the following week. As long as you turn in your assignments by the deadline, you can get feedback on the work.

+ What happens after the course is over?

Ideally, to keep your momentum going, we encourage writers to sign up for one of our coaching packages. You can read more about those here. Remember that if you sign up for the 6 month success plan - you'll have a finished draft by the end of your coaching.

+ What kind of technical support do you offer?

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