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Blueprint for a Book 6-Day Writing Challenge

Author Accelerator’s Blueprint for a Book program goes beyond simply plotting your book. We help you build a strong foundation by showing you how to drill down into the most important elements that drive your story or argument forward. Without these in place before you start writing, you could risk YEARS of frustration and a book that goes NOWHERE.

Take our Blueprint for a Book 6-Day Writing Challenge
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When you sign up for the challenge, you will receive six assignments targeted at defining what your book is about. Throughout the week, you will...

Define why you are writing this book

Discover the point of your story

Develop your book jacket copy

Describe your book in one killer sentence

Brainstorm and select your book’s working title

Learn More About Blueprint for a Book and Being Coached

While you are working through the challenge assignments, we invite you to join writers Abby and Mel on their own Blueprint for a Book journey via our MomWrites podcast. Abby and Mel get coached by Jennie Nash each week on the Blueprint assignments. You can get a taste for what coaching is really like when you join one of our programs!

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+ Does the 6-Day Challenge include feedback from an Author Accelerator book coach?

No, our 6-Day Challenge does not include feedback from one of our coaches. If you wish to receive feedback from a coach on these lessons, please join one of our upcoming Blueprint for a Book Sprints.

+ I’ve already started writing my manuscript, is Blueprint for a Book still for me?

It can be extremely helpful, no matter where you are in the writing process, to analyze your book and see whether there are weak spots, holes, or elements that need solidifying. Plus, the Blueprint 6-Day Challenge is free. Give it a shot and see if it might help you improve your current manuscript. Join the Blueprint 6-Day Challenge today.

+ I haven’t written a single page, is Blueprint for a Book still for me?

Absolutely! That's what Blueprint for a Book is designed to do – get you started! And what better way to get started than to take our free 6-Day Challenge? Join the Blueprint 6-Day Challenge today.

+ What comes after the Blueprint for a Book 6-Day Challenge?

You will be invited to join our next Blueprint for a Book Sprint workshop to get six additional Blueprint for a Book lessons over the course of a single weekend. Our Sprint workshops include two and a half days of Blueprint coursework, feedback from one of our book coaches, and live webinars with Jennie Nash and the Author Accelerator team.

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