We give you the

support, accountability, and feedback

you need to succeed.


"There's NO WAY, without this kind of accountability and feedback, that I could have done this on my own."

–Henriette Ivanans

Our premier book coaching program was developed based on the only proven way to turn the dream of a book into a reality:

One-on-one customized weekly editorial and emotional support.


We know what it's like to have a dedicated book coach who is not only reading your work as you write, but cheering you on every step of the way.

It's powerful and it's motivating and it helps you write the very best book you can.

We give you that kind of support and guidance at an affordable price, so you can finish a solid rough draft and make your dream of writing a book a reality.

With our weekly feedback and accountability, you will feel clear and confident as you write. You will have the support of pros who care about your project. You will feel the deep satisfaction that comes with taking on a challenge.

We want you to write a book you can be proud of.

When you sign up for Weekly Book Coaching, you'll fill out a Q&A that will help us determine who your book coach will be, based on your genre, writing level, and personality. Our coaches are as diverse as our writers, and each has an extensive range of writing and industry knowledge. We work hard to match every writer with the best coach for them.

Each week, you'll submit your pages to your book coach and receive their feedback within 72 hours. Feedback may include notes on character development, chapter transitions, pacing and flow, tone and voice, structure and direction, and support for overcoming the challenges of the writing life.

Note that there are NO COMMITMENTS with the program so no reason to hesitate. You pay just one month at a time. Our average writer takes six months to finish a rough draft, but you can take more or less time depending on your writing process, schedule, and situation. You may need just a month, you may need more than a year! How long you're working with us is completely up to you.

Weekly book coaching is available at three levels:




Up to 10 pages a week

Personal book coach

Specific and big-picture feedback via email

Weekly deadline

Members-only Facebook group




Everything at the Advanced level


Up to 20 pages a week

Follow-up with your coach via email exchanges



Everything at the Pro level


Up to 30 pages a week

VIP book coach

Unlimited email support

Phone calls or Skype sessions with your coach

Our book coaches love what they do

I’ve been writing and supporting other writers for so long, through so many ups and downs, that these days, I pay less and less attention to the downs. As long as you keep up forward movement, it all resolves in the end, so the setbacks and hard times don’t matter much. I remember when I was writing my first couple of books, every time I didn’t know what happened next I would panic because I would assume the muse would never come back, or I would never figure a way to write past the current problem. But over a decade later, that’s never happened. So it’s easy to be positive when you’re absolutely certain that this is just the way the process works.
The reason the book coaching model is so brilliant is that writing is intrinsically isolating, and when you care so much about a fictional world and fictional people, it can be hard for that to feel real and important because no one else knows what’s going on with that world. But when you have even just one other person reading along, invested in knowing what happens next and enjoying what you’ve created, it’s a reminder that if you keep going until you have a whole, published book, there will be many, many people who have the same reaction. So a book coach is sort of like a psychic vision of what your readers will be someday saying about your book, to pull you through until that lovely day.
— Michelle Hazen, author and Author Accelerator book coach

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