*NOTE: If you are coming into weekly book coaching after having gone through Blueprint for a Book or the Story Genius program, you don't need to fill out this Q&A.

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Where to start the story? What the story is really about? Length – too long, too short? What your protagonist wants? Multiple points of view? Structure? Anything having to do with marketing, pitching, querying? Holding yourself accountable? Finding time to write? Doubting whether it's any good?
What we mean by this is, what is your book trying to say about life or the world? Or what is the main argument? What is your protagonist going to learn through the book, or what do you hope your readers will take away from it?
Try to write the words that will appear on the book jacket when your book is in print— entice the reader by explaining what the book is about, but also get at why the reader might care. For examples, check out the write-ups for books on, or pull a book off your shelf and read the description, found either on the back (paperback) or the inside cover flap (hardback).
You may either paste it here or give us a link to a Google Doc or Dropbox file, or web page, where we can see it.
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Our book coaches use it to give their feedback, so if you're not familiar with it, we can send you a little tutorial!
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Please send us a sample (up to 10 pages – 12 PT. TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT, DOUBLE-SPACED, WITH 1-INCH MARGINS ALL AROUND). The sample will help us evaluate your style and assign you the best book coach for you and your book. You can email us your chapter to - please tell us which program you signed up for and that you're submitting your sample chapters.


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