Help writers get their book on the page

Author Accelerator is on a mission: to help serious writers become successful writers. We’ve created a step-by-step program that offers committed writers the customized accountability and guidance they need to write great books.

Whether they are working on their book concept, revising pages, or trying to break through barriers that have been holding them back, we help them realize their potential. We help them kick procrastination and doubt with weekly editorial feedback — and finally finish writing their book.

Who we hire

We look for keen editors – whom we call book coaches - to work directly with our writers, providing customized, professional feedback on the rough drafts of their manuscripts. Book coaches must have a strong grasp of developmental — “big picture” — editing, as well as line editing, and should feel comfortable working in a variety of genres, including memoir, fiction, narrative nonfiction, and self-help. Coaches must also be able to follow our editorial guidelines for giving feedback, and deliver honest feedback in a tone that is both sympathetic and motivating. “Tough love” is what we’re all about. We deliver it weekly on an ongoing basis, which is the key difference between an editor and a book coach. An editor does an edit and hands it off; a book coach does an edit and helps the writer move forward towards a better result.

Specifics we look for

We are a virtual company and all our book coaches work from home. Coaches must be independently motivated to do excellent work and provide timely, meaningful feedback for each writer.

Coaches should feel very comfortable with Microsoft Word’s Track Changes tool, as well as the Gmail interface.

This is a part-time position with flexible hours depending on your availability and workload capacity. 

Benefits of the job

Working as an Author Accelerator book coach means the chance to be trained by top book coach Jennie Nash, who specializes in helping authors write books that get published. She has a keen entrepreneurial eye and will teach you how to help writers develop books that readers want to read. There also may be opportunities to learn from other industry experts, including Lisa Cron, author of Wired for Story and Story Genius.

I’ve been writing and supporting other writers for so long, through so many ups and downs, that these days, I pay less and less attention to the downs. As long as you keep up forward movement, it all resolves in the end, so the setbacks and hard times don’t matter much. I remember when I was writing my first couple of books, every time I didn’t know what happened next I would panic because I would assume the muse would never come back, or I would never figure a way to write past the current problem. But over a decade later, that’s never happened. So it’s easy to be positive when you’re absolutely certain that this is just the way the process works.
— Michelle Hazen, Author Accelerator Book Coach

Interested in becoming a book coach?

Coming in 2018 - Book Coach Certification Course!

Author Accelerator is developing a certification course for editors and book coaches to learn the skills they need to help writers succeed. We hope to create a standard in the industry so that writers know that when they hire an Author Accelerator-certified editor or coach, they are getting expert feedback and personalized support. We want to help you build trust with your writers by teaching you our process from top to bottom.

We will offer a general certification course focused on developmental editing and supportive feedback. Specialized certification courses for our Blueprint for a Book and Pitch Track programs, Lisa Cron's Story Genius workshop, and more will be available for those who pass the general certification course.

All certification courses will be available online. Only those who pass a comprehensive online exam will be considered Author Accelerator-certified, and only those who are Author Accelerator-certified will be considered for employment at Author Accelerator. The certification exams will be held 3-4 times a year. Certification does not guarantee a coaching position at Author Accelerator.

Pricing and availability details coming soon!


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