Our Manuscript Edit looks at your entire story so far and gives you both a written analysis of its strength and weaknesses on a developmental level, and comments on specific elements in the text itself. Using a 15-point checklist, your book coach will look at narrative drive, tone and voice, structure, and consistency of theme, as well as things such as: Is Chapter 2 sagging? Are you effectively using flashbacks? And are you showing, rather than telling?

You'll receive a comprehensive summary of our thoughts and suggestions for what to focus on as you write forward or revise.

The Manuscript Edit comes with a phone call with your book coach after you receive your feedback so you can ask questions and discuss the best path forward for your manuscript.

PLEASE NOTE that your book coach will be looking at the big picture rather than grammatical or technical mistakes. This is NOT a line edit or proofread.



No page limit

Get feedback in 5-6 weeks

Analysis of strengths/weaknesses

In-line comments

Suggestions for what to do next

1-hour phone call with your book coach


+ How many pages can I have reviewed and what is the price?

As many as you like! The price is $5 per page.

+ What kind of feedback will I receive?

Your book coach will use our Author Accelerator 10-point checklist to evaluate your manuscript and offer suggestions. They'll look for things like narrative drive, tone and voice, dialogue, mechanics, and the "why" behind your characters' motivations or the point of your book. You will receive in-line comments on specific sections of your book, as well as a comprehensive summary of its strenghts and weaknesses. Your coach will also include suggestions for how to move forward and strenghten your manuscript. You'll have the chance to talk with your coach by phone after you receive their feedback to ask them any questions.

+ Can I see an example of the type of feedback I will receive?

Of course! CLICK HERE.

+ How long will it take to get feedback?

It depends on the number of pages you've submitted, but we aim to return all feedback in 5-6 weeks.

+ Can I ask questions about my feedback?

Yes! You can ask your book coach any questions you have about their feedback after you review it. The manuscript edit comes with one follow-up email exchange (one email from you with your questions, and one response from your coach with their answers) OR a phone call (approximately 1 hour). You can let us know which method you'd like to use. If you'd like ongoing email communication with your book coach, we recommend our weekly book coaching.