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Where are you in the book-writing process? *
Note that Pitch Track is designed for writers who are close to having a completed, polished draft of their book. If you have only written a few chapters, we ask you in the next question about your interest in the course. You might have a great reason to take it now; we just want to make sure it's a good fit!
What are your publishing goals? *
Note that this course is designed for writers who would like to land an agent and a traditional book deal. If you are interested in independent publishing, you are welcome to take the course, but we'll ask you to explain your thinking. We want to make sure it will be a good fit for you!
Have you ever pitched a book project besides this one? *
If you have experience pitching other projects, we'd like to hear about it! Check "yes" and tell us about your pitch experience in the box below.
What is the pitch history of this book? *
Have you already had some experience pitching this book? Check all the boxes below that apply. If you haven't yet pitched this book, fear not! That's what this course will help you prepare to do. If you have, we'll be able to help you frame your *new* pitch materials in a more effective way.
Did the agents request pages and then reject the book? Ask for a revision and resubmission?
Try to write the words that will appear on the book jacket when your book is in print – entice the reader by explaining what the book is about, but also get at why the reader might care. For examples, check out the write-ups for books on, or pull a book off your shelf and read the description, found either on the back (paperback) or the inside cover flap (hardback).
You may either paste it here or give us a link to a Google Doc or Dropbox file, or web page, where we can see it.
Some writers have specific goals that tie into other projects or business ventures. We'd like to hear about those projects. If publishing is a lifelong dream, let us hear about that too!
Are you familiar with using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes tool? *
Our book coaches use it to give their feedback, so if you're not familiar with it, we can send you a little tutorial!
What is your T-shirt size?
We like to celebrate writer victories. If you'd like to be part of the celebration, please give us your t-shirt size.
Target feedback date *
Target feedback date
Approximately when do you think you might be ready to turn in your Pitch Track work for feedback? We'd like to have a sense of this so we can follow up with you and see how you are doing with your goal. There are 8 steps in Pitch Track, which each take somewhere between 1 to 3 hours to complete. Some writers like to blast through them. Others like to take it a step at a time.


Please upload your first chapter so we have a sample of your writing.