We want you to finish your book - and finish strong.

Instead of struggling in solitude, grabbing at quick-fix offers, or hoping for a miracle, you can have a clear path to success. It's called Manuscript Accelerator and it looks like this:

Whether you just have an idea for a book or are deep into a draft, we'll hand-pick one of our book coaches to guide your project from wherever you are to "the end." 

We'll make a customized plan to help you finish or revise your draft, and then we'll guide you in all the elements you need to pitch or publish. It will involve deadlines where you submit your work; on the page feedback; phone calls; and email support.

It's part project management, part editorial guidance, part magic voodoo that comes from pairing our own highly trained book-loving coaches with writers who are ready to stop messing around.

It's a method, not a miracle

Manuscript Accelerator gives you the three essential elements you need for creative success

Accountability so you can't make excuses

  • You’ll be reaching for your laptop instead of the remote control when you have a book coach waiting for your work.

Focus so you don't get off track

  • Professional, detailed feedback as you go means you won’t waste hours, days, or years of your life on a story that doesn’t work.

Support where it counts the most

  • No more despairing about whether your work is any good. Your book coach is there to support you, so you can spend less time doubting yourself and more time writing forward.




How it Works

  • You commit to finishing a rough draft or a revision of your manuscript  in 6 months*. 

  • You work with your book coach on a project plan that takes into account your work and family obligations, your vacation plans, and your writing style.

  • You agree on a deadline schedule — usually every week or every other week.

  • You can email your coach between deadlines with quick questions, fast brainstorms, and support in moments of doubt.

  • You can schedule phone or video-conference calls with your coach to go over things face to face — OR use that time to get feedback on more pages.

  • You get free membership in our Membership Group where you can join Ask Me Anything sessions with Jennie Nash, join live working sessions led by our coaches and special guests, and connect with other writers who could be perfect beta-readers for your work.

  • In addition, scholarship winners will get 3 check in calls with Advisory Board mentors





    My writing journey would have been stalled on the tarmac if not for Jennie Nash and Author Accelerator. I’m not as far along as I hoped to be, but I’m still at it, and that’s only partly because I’m stubborn—the rest is because of Jennie and Author Accelerator.

    — Sonya Meyers

Why people of color?

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Three winners

We will select three winners for our year-long scholarship.

Ten finalists will be chosen from all entries by the Advisory Board members. Criteria they are using to determine winners are:

  • X
  • Z


Three winners will be chosen from among the ten finalists.



Total value


What Our Coaching Clients Have to Say

[The Story Genius Workshop] will empower you in ways you can only imagine today. Your confidence will soar. Your writing habits will solidify. You will walk with pride into any writing forum (real or virtual) KNOWING you ARE A WRITER! There will be ups and downs, but you will have a foundation that you can return to again and again to help you keep moving.”
— Katie Jane Thomas

My book coach is Jennifer Hawkins! She is so amazing. I could never have gotten through my first manuscript (or halfway through my second) without her. I was so shy about this strange story I wanted to tell, but she just got the story and me immediately and has an uncanny ability to pinpoint exactly what is missing or needs to be tweaked. So many times, I get stuck in a rut and my mind is just spinning without knowing how to move forward, and each time she comes to the rescue and tells me exactly what I need to do. And always in such a patient, positive and supportive way. She helped me with every step of the process, from conceptualization, structuring, drafting and revisions to the querying and publishing process. Writing can be such a lonely journey and I honestly don't know if I'd be able to keep walking the path if I didn't have her on my side along the way. She keeps me motivated and on track. Thanks for everything, Jennifer!

— Aditi Banerjee


You are the right fit for
the Scholarship if...

You need structure, feedback, and support to get moving on your book.


The scholarship can be awarded to writers in any genre

About Author Accelerator


Your next steps

  1.  Apply
  2. Deadline TKTTK
  3. You will receive an automated acknowledgement that your entry has been received

Winner steps

1. Get paired with one of Author Acclelerator book coaches in January 2019. We will work to pair all winners with coaches who have an affinity for your topic, an expertise in your genre, and the ability to support you for a fill year of coaching.

2. Start work on your book with a coaching call to set up project expectations and goals. Plan for holidays, vacations. Plan on your deadline days. We have systems in place to TKTKTKT

3.Write forward with confidence!

4. 6 times during the year, have a check in call with your mentor

Our next steps

  1. Review your application.
  2. 10 Finalists will be passed onto TKTKT
  3. Finalists announced TK
  4. Winners announced TK

+ Is the workshop appropriate for newer writers?

It’s the perfect time to come in, because you don’t have much to unlearn. Writing is often taught wrong, with a focus on plot and words instead of story. So what we’re doing is pulling apart things that people have been taught forever and bringing them back together so they can write a story that is really engaging. It’s much easier to learn something when you’re learning from scratch than it is to unlearn something.

+ Will it help me with a work-in-progress?

Yes, but ONLY IF YOU ARE WILLING TO SET ASIDE WHAT YOU HAVE ALREADY WRITTEN FOR THE DURATION OF THE WORKSHOP. We are shouting this from the mountaintops because in our beta-tests of the workshop, we found that the most frustrated writers were the ones trying to retrofit an already-existing manuscript into the lessons. We want to emphasize that if somebody comes into this workshop and thinks that in 10 weeks they’re going to fix their novel, that’s not happening, and they’ll be frustrated. Those who are willing to ACTUALLY set aside their work in progress and dig into their story's fundamentals will do really well. But you have to make sure you are not dragging old work through this new process. You can take what you learn in the Story Genius Workshop and apply it to all your work AFTER the workshop is over. Please click here to watch a video that will give you a good idea of why we suggest setting your previously written material aside for this workshop.

Of course, on the flip side, we've found that many of our writers who have taken a work in progress through the workshop have used the concepts as a diagnostic tool for assessing why their current manuscript isn't working. By utilizing the Story Genius method, they were able to pull out what wasn't working and revise so that it did work. If you have a work in progress and know that it's not working, Story Genius could be the answer.

+ Can I take the workshop if I'm writing a memoir?

Story is story regardless of genre or format. What pulls us in – what we are looking for in story – is the same in memoir as it is in novels. Memoirs are stories too. The best ones read as if they are novels, so yes, the workshop can absolutely help you – but we encourage you to watch this video so you understand what it means to bring your memoir idea into the Story Genius Workshop.

If I've read the book and/or completed the prompts for the book, will I get anything from this workshop?* You'll get so much more than if you just read the book. When you’re in the workshop, you get one-on-one feedback from a coach devoted to helping you tell your story. You also get accountability: We're waiting each week for your submission, and that is a powerful motivator. Reading the book is great, but doing the workshop will take you and your writing to the next level. By the way, we strongly suggest that you read Lisa Cron’s Story Genius: How to Use Brain Science to Go Beyond Outlining and Write a Riveting Novel* prior to the start of the workshop. It will give you a deep foundation in Lisa’s method and philosophy, Jennie’s story, and the Story Genius vocabulary. It will help you take even more out of the workshop than you would without it. Purchase the book by clicking here.

+ My novel is {INSERT FICTION GENRE} – is this workshop for me?

Absolutely. As we mentioned with memoir, story is story regardless of genre or format. We come to every story hard-wired to ask the same questions and the same things of the narrative. All of it is exactly the same. It doesn’t matter what fiction genre you’re writing in - the workshop is for everyone. Unfortunately, we do not currently accept screenplays.

+ Is it possible to work on more than one project at a time?

Look at how ambitious you are! Unfortunately, the answer is no. After running this workshop several times and having a couple of students try to take more than one project through, we realized it doesn't work. It was a disaster for them and very frustrating! This is an intensive workshop and a big commitment. You really need to dig in and commit to your story and your learning, coach, and feedback, which we estimate takes between 5-10 hours per week.

+ What kind of feedback will I get from my book coach?

Great question! Your book coaches will look over the pages you submit each week and offer both developmental (big-picture) feedback and detailed suggestions right on the page. Your coach will be giving feedback based on the Story Genius method and helping you "get" the method.

Click here to see a submission from a writer and the coach's feedback.

+ Can I ask my coach additional questions about my feedback?

We've structured this workshop to be both affordable and streamlined so that each writer gets 1-1 attention from their coach. Because of this, excessive back and forth with your coach is not permitted. This is more in line with private 1:1 coaching. You may ask for clarification from your coach, but the reserve the right to respond during your next submission.