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Coaching at the Start of a Project + Coaching when You Are Stuck in the Middle of a Project

  • Blueprint for a Book: a 6-step strategic program for laying a strong foundation for any book in any genre.
  • The Story Genius Method: An intensive workshop for novel writers ready to dig deep into their character's motivations and desires so they can write forward with confidence.

Coaching From Start to Finish

  • Basic Coaching Plan: a weekly coaching program for $199/month that is "pay as you go."
  • Manuscript Accelerator Plan: an intensive level of coaching with our most seasoned coaches that will get you from idea to rough draft in 6 months

Revision Coaching

  • The Revision Sprint: a one-weekend comprehensive revision planning course. You'll learn what revision is really all about, how to do a manuscript audit, and how to make a revision plan you can actually follow.
  • Revision Accelerator: Come into book coaching where your coach will help you step-by-step with the revision process

Other Coaching

  • The Pitch Track: is a 10-step course to plan out everything you need to pitch your manuscript to agents and pitch it right.
  • Navigating the Path to Publication: For those writers who are deciding which path is the best for them in terms of self-publishing vs traditional publishing

Finding your Tribe

  • Membership Community: Coming soon! A private group dedicated to writers who want a community to brainstorm, chat and get matched with beta-readers. When it's launched it will be $29/month.

Becoming a Book Coach

  • Book Coach Training: A comprehensive course on learning to be a book coach that will be coming in 2018.