we give you the

support, accountability, and feedback

you need to succeed


"There's NO WAY, without this kind of accountability and feedback, that I could have done this on my own."

–Henriette Ivanans

Our premier book coaching program was developed based on the only proven way to turn the dream of a book into a reality:

One-on-one customized weekly editorial and emotional support.

We know what it's like to have a dedicated book coach who is not only reading your work as you write, but cheering you on every step of the way.

It's powerful and it's motivating and it helps you write the very best book you can.

We give you that kind of support and guidance at an affordable price, so you can finish a solid rough draft and make your dream of writing a book a reality.

With our weekly feedback and accountability, you will feel clear and confident as you write. You will have the support of pros who care about your project. You will feel the deep satisfaction that comes with taking on a challenge.

We want you to write a book you can be proud of.

When you sign up for Weekly Book Coaching, you'll fill out a Q&A that will help us determine who your book coach will be, based on your genre, writing level, and personality. Our coaches are as diverse as our writers, and each has an extensive range of writing and industry knowledge. We work hard to match every writer with the best coach for them.

Each week, you'll submit your pages to your book coach and receive their feedback within 72 hours. Feedback may include notes on character development, chapter transitions, pacing and flow, tone and voice, structure and direction, and support for overcoming the challenges of the writing life.

Note that there are NO COMMITMENTS with the program. You pay just one month at a time. Our average writer takes six months to finish a rough draft, but you can take more or less time depending on your writing process, schedule, and situation. You may need just a month, you may need more than a year! How long you're working with us is completely up to you.


Weekly book coaching is available at three levels:




Up to 10 pages a week

Personal book coach

Specific and big-picture feedback

Weekly deadline

Members-only Facebook group

Monthly webinars

Everything at the Advanced level


Up to 20 pages a week

Follow-up with your coach via email




Everything at the Pro level


Up to 30 pages a week

VIP book coach

Unlimited support

Phone calls or Skype sessions with your coach


+ Is there a commitment?

There are NO COMMITMENTS with our Weekly Book Coaching program. You pay just one month at a time. Our average writer takes six months to finish a rough draft, but you can take more or less time depending on your writing process, schedule, and situation. You may need just a month, you may need more than a year! How long you're working with us is completely up to you.

Note that we can only issue a refund of your monthly payment within the first 7 days after your payment has been made. Unfortunately, refund requests after the first 7 days will not be honored.

+ What is the difference between the Advanced and Pro levels?

The Pro level of book coaching allows you to work more closely with your book coach than the Advanced level does. You can choose to submit up to 20 pages a week (double that of the Advanced level) and you unlimited communication with your book coach during the week. No matter what, a stronger commitment to your book will give you a much more polished draft at the end of the program.

+ Can I see an example of the kind of editing my book coaching would be doing?

Of course! Just CLICK HERE to download a sample edit.

+ Can I send in more pages than my weekly limit?

You have the option of purchasing up to 10 extra pages a week. You can do this on an as-needed basis. The purchase button appears in your submission-day calendar reminder.

If you want to write at a faster clip consistently, you can sign up for the Pro level of book coaching and let your coach know you'd like to choose the option to submit up to 20 pages a week.

If you want to submit fewer pages than the page limit on any given week, that's just fine. Some weeks are like that — and we applaud forward momentum of any kind! The price remains the same for any amount of pages fewer than the limit.

+ Why only 10 pages?

If a reader isn't immediately grabbed by the story (the real story, the whole story) in the first 10 pages, they're never going to get to page 50. You can't hook your reader by what happens in Chapter 12 or 25 or 37. You have to hook them from the start and at every point throughout. One of the things an editor looks for is that engagement with your audience.

Some insider info: An agent will usually read less than FIVE pages before making a decision. You have to hook them fast!

The weekly book coaching is designed to be an affordable way for writers who feel fairly strong about their book structure to get chapter-by-chapter feedback, either as they are writing an initial draft or working on a revision. We can do a lot of good work going 10 pages at a time. Sometimes that work involves ripping things apart and putting them back together — which can be a frustrating process to be sure. But again, it has proved very useful for writers who have never had the experience of working with a professional editor.

If you're thinking that you would like a book coach to read your entire manuscript from start to finish and provide insight on the overall story before you dig in to fixing it, CLICK HERE for more information.

+ What if I miss a weekly deadline?

Never fear – life happens! If you ever think you'll be late submitting your work, just email your book coach letting them know they shouldn't expect your submission at the normal time. If you think you just need a few hours to get it done, ask them if they can accommodate you submitting it up to a day late. Any later than that, though, and we enter no man's land where submissions are lost and coaches start going crazy. So if that's the case, just hold your work until your next submission day.

Also, realize that accountability is a big part of the value of the program. If you miss a submission deadline, you can expect an email from your coach asking for your pages. With Accelerator, you have to hit your deadlines (just like working with a publisher).

And always remember that the 72-hour window for receiving feedback starts when you hit the "send" button.

+ Who will be reviewing and editing my work?

A dedicated, highly trained professional book coach hand-picked by Jennie Nash. All of our book coaches have been trained on the editorial feedback system that Jennie developed, and hired for their ability to edit for mechanics, content, and flow, as well as their compassion toward writers. Our goal is to have the same book coach work with you week by week and month by month. With vacations and unforeseeable situations, that could change, of course, but we work hard to avoid that.

+ What can I expect to receive from my book coach?

One of our book coaches will look over the pages you submit each week and offer both developmental (big-picture) editing and detailed suggestions right on the page. Edits could be as broad as restructuring a scene or working on dialogue, or as small as clarifying pronoun usage. Your feedback will always be a mixture of both.

Now keep in mind that your book coach won't be making line-by-line comments on your work. That would be overwhelming for both of you, and is more in line with what a one-on-one, private book coach might do. We try each week to pick out the most important elements to focus on, since this isn't an intensive line-editing or proofreading service.

+ Can I change my membership level of coaching?

You can switch between the Advanced and Pro levels at any time. Just contact Whitney, our operations assistant, at whitney@authoraccelerator.com. Please CC your book coach on that email.
If you would like to switch to the Premium level, please email Laura, our managing editor, at laura@authoraccelerator.com.

+ Can I pause my membership?

Think of the Author Accelerator as a gym membership for your book. If you pay for a membership each month, aren't you more likely to go to the gym to get the most of out it? Of course! Our fixed monthly payments are designed to keep you writing, making your book stronger and getting the most out of your membership with us.

To keep with the gym metaphor: While you can pause your coaching program, you can only do so for a month at a time. We don't want you falling into a trap of taking short breaks — that sounds more like procrastination. And we're all about accountability!

Of course, we know life is crazy and unpredictable, and we understand if something comes up that needs to be a priority over your writing. You can pause your program for a minimum of one month and come back whenever you're ready, at exactly where you left off in your rough draft. And we won't take your money during the break.

+ How long does it take to finish a rough draft?

That's the million-dollar question! Our program is meant to get you to a finished rough draft in about six months, but every writer is different and every book is different. So you may find that you stay in the program for shorter or longer.

+ Can I get coaching for longer than six months?

You can stay forever if you want to! But as much as we would love that, it won't take you that long to finish your rough draft. You can stay in the program as long as you need to finish. The extension after the initial six months continues in the same way with editorial feedback from your book coach.

+ What happens after I finish my rough draft?

Options, options, options!

Option 1: You can choose to revise your draft in the same way you wrote it with us – with daily emails, weekly lessons and videos from Jennie, and weekly editorial feedback. You can choose to stay with the same book coach, or work with someone new for a fresh perspective on your book. If you decide you'd rather not continue with accountability and feedback and want to go your own way to revise, that's fine too, of course. We would understand, and the pain would subside eventually.

Option 2: We offer a full-manuscript edit or evaluation, where one of our book coaches reviews your rough draft front to back and makes structural and developmental suggestions and edits. This can be done before or after you go through the revision process (or both!) For more information, CLICK HERE.

Option 3: Our Pitch Track program helps you prepare your manuscript for showing off to literary agents. You will research agents, create a book proposal, and draft queries, as well as prepare a pitch designed for writing conferences. For more inforamtion, CLICK HERE.