Are you ready for publication?

We'll all seen it: those books that weren't quite ready to be published but got pushed through anyway. Perhaps you're on the fence on whether or not your book is ready for publication and you'd like some validation. Smart. With our Manuscript Evaluation option - you'll get a 14 point checklist of you strengths and weaknesses in your manuscript as well as a thumbs up or down on whether or not you should pursue the next step. 

Navigating the Path to Publication

Traditional Publishing. Self-Publishing. Hybrid Publishing. Small Presses. Independent Presses. The publishing industry has grown larger and more confusing over the years and we know that it can be overwhelming. Not to mention, figuring out a publication path that seems to fit your publishing goals and needs. With our Navigating The Patch to Publication course - we take you through a series of questions to help you narrow down your decision. Along with the the course, you'll get a "scorecard" that you'll utilize throughout the course to get a gut-checked result of where you see your publishing future.

The Pitch Track Workshop

You did it! You wrote a book. Revised it. Had it beta-read. Now you're ready for the big time: pitching the book to agents and publishers. But whoa, nellie. There's a lot more to pitching than you think and you only get ONE opportunity to make a great impression. So why not make sure it's the best impression you can make? Our Pitch Track workshop will break down the process of pitching in easy to follow steps so you can gather the proper material, write the proper materials and have a solid pitching plan in place.