Your Blueprint for a Book Instructor:

Jennie Nash is the founder and chief creative officer of Author Accelerator, a program that brings professional book coaching to writers in all genres. She is a private book coach whose authors regularly land top New York agents and book deals with publishers including Scribner, Simon & Schuster, Hazeldon, Norton and Random House. Several of her writers have also recently won national self-publishing awards.

Blueprint for a Book is a strategic program Jennie developed through many years of guiding writers to start, finish, revise, rescue, and sell books. She has hand-picked all Author Accelerator book coaches and trained them in her Blueprint system.

Jennie is the author of four novels, three memoirs, and counting. These are some of her books:

I am evangelical about the power of Blueprint. I have seen this program literally transform writers from doubt-filled, wanna-be writers who are afraid of their own power to people in full ownership of their book ideas — and guess what? It’s those people who actually finish their books, and finish strong. I’m not kidding when I say that this one weekend can transform your writing life.
— Jennie Nash