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Beta Reader Speed Dating, Round One


Beta Readers Aren’t One Size Fits All

Looking for a beta reading relationship without a long term commitment? Want to try someone on before committing to read a whole manuscript (or having your whole manuscript read)? Or maybe you just haven’t had any luck finding a beta reader on your own? Let’s face it, a perfect match is hard to find!

Why not try our Beta Reader Speed Dating event, open to all our Author Accelerator Membership Circle writers?

Round One: Your First Chapter

The Rules

  1. You have to give one to get one. You have to both submit your first chapter to be read and be willing to read someone else’s first chapter.

  2. You have to agree to read the work and complete the feedback during the allotted time frame. In the case of this event, you have from Friday night, January 25th, until Sunday night, January 27.

  3. You have to be willing to be honest, but in a constructive way.

That’s it!

How to Participate

Join the Author Accelerator Membership Circle HERE. The Membership Circle is included in all Author Accelerator programs.

  1. If you don’t already have it, write your jacket copy. Jacket copy should be around 250 words and give us a general idea of what your book is about. Think of the synopsis you’d find on your back cover. If you need guidance writing this, let Abby know and she can send you a handout to help.

  2. Decide specifically what you would like your beta reader to look for and write a sentence or two detailing that need.

  3. Decide what genres you would be willing to beta read.

  4. OPTIONAL: Make a graphic with your working title, name, and genre. You can use a free service like Canva to do this. But it will help us find and identify you quickly in the Membership Circle forum thread. See the bottom of this page for a video tutorial on using Canva.

  5. Find the Speed Dating thread in the Membership Circle and post your graphic (if you have one). If you’re not using a graphic, simply type your working title, your name, and your genre.

  6. Leave a comment under your graphic with your jacket copy, what specifically you’re looking for from your beta reader, and what genres you would be willing to read.

  7. Lastly, “heart” any one’s graphic that looks interesting to you, or that you would be willing to read!

For Example


Most middle school kids try and cover-up the fact that they forgot their homework, but Bernadette Thorpe is busy trying to cover-up her whole life. How do you hide a father who’s a book hoarding weirdo and looks like he just stepped out of a history textbook—with his top hats, moth-eaten vocabulary, and a belief that written letters are a better form of communication than cell phones? And how do you hide your creepy gothic house, a housekeeper who thinks dressing a chicken means putting clothes on your food, and a gardener who thinks the best solution to all lawn care problems is to bring in the elephants? Bernadette can barely hide her embarrassment, let alone an elephant.

So, when she gets noticed by Logan, the new boy at school, Bernadette feels like it’s the first regular middle-school thing to happen to her. Before she can do a happy-dance, she finds out she’s not the only one hiding things. The clues to her father’s mysterious identity plaster the walls, and Logan’s hairy secret smacks her in the face. But when characters literally start popping out of the books in her family library and her father disappears into a novel, will Bernadette rise to the challenge and find him? Can she rule out the wrong books and not free a monster by mistake? Will being different be the key to making life normal in the end?

*I would specifically like someone to read my first chapter looking and look at my pacing.

*I am willing to read any other MG or YA book. I also like romance and cozy mystery.

What happens next?

Send your first chapter to abby@authoraccelerator.com by Wednesday, January 23. Make sure it’s a clean Word doc, 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced.

On Friday afternoon, check your email inbox. The event officially starts at 8pm, but we will start sending around chapters as we get you matched. We will connect you with your writer/reader and additional instructions!

Need a Tutorial?

Follow along as Abby shows you how to create a graphic in Canva. Canva is a free and easy program you can use to make simple graphics.

Step one, create an account.

Step two, follow along with the video below.

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