We don't joke around about meetups!

L to R: Jennie Nash, Mary Keliikoa, Aleta Goin, Brie Wells, Jocelyn Lindsay, Lisa Cron, Laura Franzini

L to R: Jennie Nash, Mary Keliikoa, Aleta Goin, Brie Wells, Jocelyn Lindsay, Lisa Cron, Laura Franzini

I’m back home and at my desk again after my travels. I drove home bouncing in my seat, so excited to dive into the next adventure of my writing journey. I can’t tell you all what a joy it was to meet you in person and spend the afternoon laughing. Meetings like this are so important. Our laughter will sustain me through the Days of Writing Woe.

You are all amazing. Your passion, generosity, and perseverance is so inspiring. I feel so grateful to have had the chance to meet you all. I can’t wait to see you all again sometime in the future and will happily drive wherever I need to go to accomplish that.

Author Accelerator and Story Genius have changed my writing life. You are all a part of that. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Jocelyn Lindsay, Author Accelerator Writer

One of our favorite things to do is meetup with our writers, coaches, collaborators, and partners when we have the chance. So when Jennie Nash and Laura Franzini (our managing editor) attended the Willamette Writers Conference - they were delighted to set up a meeting at a local Starbucks.

What's great about this particular meetup is that it represents so many levels of what we do at Author Accelerator. We have the founder, the managing editor, a book coach, a partner and our writers ALL in the same place. It's incredible to see the way that each "role" helps strengthen the Author Accelerator family. 

As a writer, we spend countless hours in front of a computer screen. The Live feeds are great, but to be able to actually meet the person and have that back and forth is illuminating and inspiring. We all have such different and yet similar journeys we are on as we strive to tell our stories in the best ways possible. Getting to meet Jennie and her team helps me know that I am supported on that path and have someone in my corner. A great feeling for certain!
— Mary Keliikoa, Author Accelerator Writer

Because so much of what we do is "virtual" and not as tangible as say, a physical class, it's often forgotten how much the writer is impacted by their relationship with their coach. Support and guidance is often underrated and overlooked - but it's within these meetups that we actually get to see the true impact we're having. Dare we say it's rather heart-melting. When we step back and really think about it - these are people whose lives we've changed and in return are changing the lives of the Author Accelerator Staff. That's why we believe so strongly in book coaching, support, and the mission we represent at Author Accelerator. 

I always love meeting writers, and feeling the energy reverberating around the table – the enthusiasm from the writers mixing with our joy in finally putting faces with names – still gives me goosebumps. It’s so humbling to hear, in person, the impact our coaches are having around the world.
— Laura Frazini, Managing Editor