Looking for a coach?

Writing a book is a big commitment. Our Manuscript Accelerator program can help you see it through, but we know it’s a big investment. If you're not quite ready for Manuscript Accelerator, we understand!

While Author Accelerator has discontinued our month-to-month, no-commitment program formerly knowns as Basic Book Coaching, the following Author Accelerator Advanced Certified* coaches offer a comparable service.

If you are a new client, or a former Basic Book Coaching client looking to resume or start anew, you are welcome to contact any of these coaches to find out their rates and availability. Please note that Author Accelerator provides no materials, program structure, billing systems, customer service, or supervision for coaches offering their services independently.  

A to C

Amy Sue Nathan, | website

Ashly Hilst, | website

D to F

Dawn Ius, | website

Donna Goodin, | website

Erin McCabe, | website

G to J

Georgina Green, | website

Heather Ezell, | website

Jennifer Hawkins,

Julie Artz, | website

K to M

K.C. Karr, | website

Kathryn Dodson, PhD, | website

Kathleen Furin,

Kelly Hartog, | website

Kemlo Aki, | website

Kit Frick, | website

Megan Lally, website

Michele Orwin,

N to Z

Sarah Williams, | website

Savannah Gilbo, | website

Sheila Athens, | website

 *Author Accelerator Advanced Certified book coaches have completed our Advanced Certification course and earned Advanced Certification.