Writing a book is hard but that doesn't mean it has to be frustrating.

Instead of struggling in solitude, grabbing at quick-fix offers, hoping for a miracle, you can have a clear path to success. It looks like this:

  • We'll hand pick one of our book coaches to guide your project from wherever you are to "the end." 

  • Whether you are stuck after a few chapters, or stuck with a whole draft that you know isn't working, we'll make a customized plan to help you finish or revise your draft.

  • It's part project management, part editorial guidance, part magic voodoo that comes from pairing our own highly trained book-loving coaches with writers who are ready to stop messing around.

That may not sound sexy, but if you’re reading this, our guess is you’re tired of the empty promises, the “write as fast as you can” programs, and the “invitations” to sit in a room with a famous author that have gotten you exactly nowhere.

This is going to be different.