Hi, I’m Jennie Nash

I started Author Accelerator because I believe that one-on-one coaching is the best way to help writers bring their books to life. I’ve seen it work again and again for writers at every stage of the writing process and at every stage of their writing careers.

Book coaches give editorial feedback, but we also motivate and inspire, and give you the support you need to stop making excuses and get the work done.

A method, not a miracle

I’ve spent my entire career studying the way books are written, from inside Big 5 publishing houses and glossy national magazines, and as the author of 8 books in 3 genres. I had a thriving career as a mid-list writer but in 2008, I began using my strategies and systems to help other writers.

My first client landed a two-book deal at Random House. My second was published by Simon & Schuster and had a New York Times feature story go viral.

Here I am chatting with bestselling writer KJ Dell’Antonio on the #amwriting podcast.

Here I am chatting with bestselling writer KJ Dell’Antonio on the #amwriting podcast.

In 2013, I started Author Accelerator to empower even more writers. We now have 6 full-time employees and a team of 32 book coaches whom we hire, train and oversee. We’re on a mission to help serious writers get their books out of their head and onto the page, and we’d be delighted to help you.

Get coached

Book coaching is the whole point of what we do. We hold your feet to the fire with compassionate and honest feedback. There are no excuses, no wiggling out of it. When you make the commitment, you do the work. Sign up today.

My book coaching quickly turned into a multiple 6-figure business, because as the publishing industry sped up and flattened out, writers became hungry for sustained, professional and strategic support. When they get it, they fly.

I share my strategies for bringing books to life with writers all over the country. I have appeared on podcasts such as Mark Dawson’s The Self Publishing Formula and taught at institutions such as UCLA Extension Writing program and the San Francisco Writing Conference.

My classes at Creative Live have had more than 10,000 students

My classes at Creative Live have had more than 10,000 students

Author Accelerator is different

  1. We start by hiring talented editors and training them to be exceptional book coaches.

This is the cornerstone of our success and we are very proud of our process. Our training is rigorous, thorough, ongoing —-and proven to work. Author Accelerator coaches are excellent at what they do. They serve our writers with skill, integrity and compassion. (>> this will be a photo of Jennie w/ coaches)


2. We hand pick a coach for every writer.

We call this our secret sauce because it is 100% human-powered and 100% effective. Managing Editor Laura Franzini and her editorial team listen careful to every writer’s needs and goals, get a sense of their project and their writing style, and hand pick a coach to guide their project through to the end. (<< this will be a video of Laura)

3. We give the writers the support they need to succeed.

Our writers are racking up some fantastic publishing successes, such as landing agents and book deals, and winning national awards, but we measure our success by how many of our writers are thrilled with their progress, and it’s upwards of 90% . That’s the metric we care most about, and we look forward to helping you feel thrilled, too. (This will be a gallery of super short testimonials)

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Meet Author Accelerator coaches

Most of our book coaches are writers themselves, and some have even worked with Author Accelerator on their own books. They love to read, they love to write, and they are waiting to help you make your dream of becoming a writer a reality.

Click on their photos below to get to know them!

PLEASE NOTE: These coach pages are NOT meant to be a stand-in for their CV of editing and writing experience. Their favorite genres, books, and authors don't necessarily speak to what they excel at editing-wise, and their interests and expertise may extend beyond what is listed on their page. We will do our best to pair writers with the right coach for their project based on all the information we have available.

Amy Sue Nathan

Dawn Ius

Erin Lindsay McCabe

Jill Angel

K.C. Karr

Kelly Hartog

Lizette Clarke

Michael Raymond

Sarah Williams

Susan DeFreitas

Ashly Hilst

Deb Lieberman

Heather Ezell

Julia Drake

Kate Tracy

Kemlo Aki

Margarita Montimore

Michele Orwin

Sarahlyn Bruck

Austen Wright

Donna Goodin

Jennifer Hawkins

Julie Artz

Kathleen Furin

Kit Frick

Megan Lally

Michelle Hazen

Sheila Athens

Susan Gray Foster

Meet Author Accelerator’s Management Team

We are as virtual company with people all over the country working in home offices with their children and cats afoot. Our set-up allows us to be flexible, dedicated and happy! If you have any questions for us, reach out at contact@authoraccelerator.com and Whitney will take cafe of you!

Matt Sand


Matt Sand has an extensive background in technology and entrepreneurship. He holds degrees in computer science, mathematics, and political science from Tulane University, as well as a master's in business administration in from UCLA's Anderson School of Management.

Matt served as a communications officer in the Air Force, and, after a brief stint in corporate America, decided to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship full time. He has consulted with entrepreneurs, invested in early-stage companies at two Los Angeles-based investment firms, and started three companies of his own. In addition to building his own startups, he is a co-author of "The Agile Startup," which was published by Wiley in 2013. Matt teaches courses in entrepreneurship at UCLA and LMU.



Diana Renn

Assistant Managing eDitor

Diana holds a B.A. in English from Hampshire College and an M.A. in English and American Literature from Brandeis University. Her career has been dedicated to helping writers tell their stories. She has worked as a development editor for textbooks in the educational publishing industry, and as a fiction editor for an award-winning online young adult magazine (YARN, Young Adult Review Network). She has taught writing at Grub Street (an independent writing center in Boston) and at Boston University. She frequently presents on writing craft at conferences and workshops.

Diana is the author of three young adult novels featuring globetrotting teen sleuths: Tokyo Heist, Latitude Zero,and Blue Voyage, all published by Viking / Penguin. She is a co-author of False Idols, an FBI thriller published by SerialBox /Adaptive Books. Her essays and short fiction have appeared in Publisher’s Weekly, The Huffington Post, Brain Child, Literary Mama, The Writer,and other publications. You can learn more about her writing here

Originally from Seattle, Diana now lives outside of Boston with her husband, her son, and a moody black cat. She loves long bike rides and travel.

Photo Credits: Anthony Ongaro

Photo Credits: Anthony Ongaro

Whitney Astbury


Whitney Astbury has a background in accounting and teaching. She received a certificate from Florida Gulf Coast University for completing their Pharmacy Technician program, but jumped right into working as an accounting assistant for an independent insurance firm instead.

She served as the treasurer for her local chapter of the International Association of Insurance Professionals for two years in an effort to understand more about the insurance industry. With more than 10 years' experience with Microsoft Office Suite, she taught Microsoft Excel at a college for several years before joining Author Accelerator. Whitney is an author of ten fiction novels published under a pen name and is represented by a literary agent. As a former employee of The Write Assistants, she found her calling helping other authors succeed.

Photo credit: Robyn of Modern Lovebird Photography

Photo credit: Robyn of Modern Lovebird Photography


Abby Mathews

Manager of Community Engagement

Abby Mathews graduated with degrees in art and education, before she spent close to a decade pretending to be the adult in a ninth-grade fine arts classroom. She left teaching in 2009 to raise two daughters and pursue other creative interests. In 2017 Abby convinced her introverted best friend to launch a podcast with Jennie Nash called Mom Writes. Since then, she’s been writing, podcasting, and generally being an online social butterfly.

Abby’s goal in life is to live inside Charlotte’s Web, so you can often find her in the barnyard feeding a floppy-earred pig and chasing away Templeton.



Laura Franzini


Laura Franzini has trained under Author Accelerator Chief Creative Officer Jennie Nash for 4 years, working with writers to bring their stories alive on the page and their books on the shelf.  She currently oversees Author Accelerator’s stellar team of book coaches, matching them with their writers and cultivating each coaching relationship.

A native New Englander with a degree in journalism and photography from Emerson College, Laura has worked on the copy desk at the Boston Globe, where she also covered the city's western suburbs as a regional correspondent, and delved into the marketing world as part of the Internal Communications team at Natixis Global Asset Management.

She has managed and produced editorial content for an online environmental magazine, as well as for GlobalPost, a digital leader in world news coverage. Previously, she was a copy editor at the Los Angeles Times, where she was part of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize-winning team covering the San Bernardino attack.



Jade Eby


Jade graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.A. in English literature and creative writing. Prior to starting her own business and working at Author Accelerator, she worked as a creative copywriter at a top-notch higher education marketing firm. She is a hybrid author who has published both novels and short stories. You can find a list of her published works here.

Jade built her own virtual assistant agency to help other authors in the publishing industry and has worked with multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. She continues to teach authors about the independent publishing process and steps.

As a self-proclaimed "Crazy Cat Lady," Jade spends her free time with her brood of felines and volunteers at the local humane shelter. 

Photo Credit: Lauren Perry of Perrywinkle Photography

Photo Credit: Lauren Perry of Perrywinkle Photography


Terri LeBlanc


Terri M. LeBlanc is a master planner and a self-professed book dragon. Working in higher education and marketing for over 10 years, Terri successfully planned and launched hundreds of calling and email marketing campaigns to students around the world. On computers since 1983, Terri loves seeking out and learning new technology and sharing her knowledge with others.

In her spare time, Terri enjoys reading and reviewing books for her blog, Second Run Reviews, and the Cedar Rapids Gazette. She volunteers for ICON, Iowa's longest running science-fiction and fantasy convention, and is one of the lead organizers for Imagine Other Worlds with Authors, a multi-genre author-signing event. When not absorbed in the world of books, Terri can be found riding horses, shooting pictures, and spending time watching movies with her husband while cuddling with her two cats.