How can Author Accelerator help me raise my voice, finish my project, and write a better book?


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Be inspired by our founder and CEO, Jennie Nash

Writing and the publishing industry Jennie’s messages will inspire you to take the next step with your story.

Your posts are a feast for the soul. I always learn so much, and get such a heartfelt sense of motivation and deep understanding from your guidance.
— RJ Lacko

Follow two writers through their coaching on our Mom Writes podcast

Hint: It’s not just for moms.

Every episode I listen to, I think, “Oh, that was my favorite episode so far!” And then I listen to the next one. And it just keeps getting better.
— Aleta Goin
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Try our free Writing Challenge

Our Blueprint for a Book exercises were developed by Jennie Nash. They are used exclusively by our coaches to help writers plan, develop and revise their story ideas.

Today I started the Blueprint for a Book and wrote about WHY I’m writing this story. I cried.
— Courtney McKinney-Whitaker

Hire a Book Coach

For me, the introduction of accountability and deadlines was important in stopping the massive procrastination. I needed a boss; a kind but knowledgeable boss who could guide me but also dock my pay if I didn’t show up for work.
— Kristin Nilsen


Our Inside Outline program is 4 deadlines, 4 weeks.



Our Manuscript Accelerator program is 12 deadlines + 6 phone calls over 6 months.


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Learn the history of book coaching

Our free Book Coach Basic Training email course introduces you to the fundamental principles of book coaching.


Become a certified book coach

Go deeper into all the elements of book coaching, from managing a project to developing story structure to giving expert, effective feedback in our Advanced Training & Certification course.