Manuscript Accelerator is designed to work with your schedule and your life

  • You commit to finishing a rough draft or a revision of your manuscript*  in 6 months. 

  • You work with your book coach on a project plan that takes into account your work and family obligations, your vacation plans, and your writing style.

  • You agree on a deadline schedule -- usually every week or every other week.

  • You can email your coach between deadlines with quick questions, fast brainstorms, and support in moments of doubt.

  • You can schedule phone or Skype calls with your coach to go over things face to face -- OR use that time to get feedback on more pages.

  • You get free membership in our Membership Group where you can join Ask Me Anything sessions with Jennie Nash, join live working sessions  led by our coaches and special guests, and connect with other writers who could be perfect beta readers for your work.

The outcome?

You will produce a rough draft of a book that is more like a 5th or 6th draft because you've had editorial input, accountability, and emotional support as you go.

You will actually finish this time-- no excuses.

* This timeframe is designed for a book that will be approximately 250 manuscript pages (average length.)