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Are you writing with young children underfoot,  wondering how to finish your book before you die? Follow along with our variety-style podcast as book coach Jennie Nash guides two writer-moms through writing their first books while managing their chaotic family life. We also interview some pretty spectacular mom (and dads!)  writers as guests.  You'll get some tough love writing advice, some real world coping skills, occasional tears,  and lots of laughter.  Hosted by Abby Mathews, Melanie Parish, and Jennie Nash.


BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO:  Abby and Jennie talk about the coaching process. CLICK HERE



Reviews of Mom Writes

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Maggie Sonnek

Wow...the Mom Writes podcast was exactly what I needed to hear! The Mom Guilt episode was spot-on. As a mom to three young kids, I so often forget to consciously make time for writing. Instead, I put my kids, my husband, housework. laundry, etc. first. But, Jennie made such a great point...by me making time for writing every day, I’m actually setting an example for my kids for them to follow their passions and make time to do what they love.”  -Maggie Soucheray-Sonnek, mom of three and owner of Mill City Creative-Minneapolis


Aleta Goin

 I love the humor, the candor, the advice. From people who really get it. I've been wondering what's wrong with me, that I can't get my book written and be a good parent at the same time, and these women are here to say, YOU CAN. AND they give you advice on how to do it. What could be better than that?! Every episode I listen to, I think, "Oh, that was my favorite episode so far!" And then I listen to the next one. And it just keeps getting better. And Abby, I love the swear words and the fact that while I'm still drinking in the evening, I'm at least at home thinking about writing instead of in the bars. LOL!