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Our mission at Author Accelerator is to help our writer's  finish their best book. But it's always a bonus when our writers go on to get awards, agents, book deals, and even publish their books.

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Pitch Wars

Pitch Wars is a unique opportunity for writers to mentor each other and prepare their manuscripts for querying process. In the last several years many of our coaches have served as mentors and some of our writers have been selected to be mentees. Learn more about Pitch Wars.


  • Dawn Ius (2018)

  • Kit Frick (2018)

  • Michelle Hazen (2018)


  • Kacey Vanderkarr (2017)

  • Elizabeth Gibson (2017)

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American Fiction Awards

Teri Case on her book Tiger Drive on winning Best New Fiction (2018).

National Indie Excellence Awards

Teri Case on her book Tiger Drive on being a finalist (2018).

Women's Fiction Writers Rising Star Award

Lainey Cameron on her book Exit Strategy earning her second place (2017).

Rebecca Hodge on her book Margin of Safety earning her third place (2017).

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Books by our clients


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Interview with Teri Case

Click to see what Teri Case has to say about book coaching. Watch the full interview with Lisa Cron, Jennie Nash and Teri.

I’ve used more than one of Author Accelerator’s programs and will again. For Tiger Drive, my coach extraordinaire, Lizette Clarke, at Author Accelerator did an evaluation and was able to tell me what still needed to be fixed — issues that were keeping Tiger Drive from being published. Lizette and Author Accelerator are part of the village that made Tiger Drive a reality.”
— Teri Case

Interview with Beverley Courtney


Interview with Jeanne Ryan

Interview with Lisa Manterfield

“What I really needed and wanted was something that worked with my timing and where I would be getting professional level feedback. So what I'm getting is the type of editor feedback I would get from a publisher before I have book under contract. I find that really, really helpful.”

— Jeanne Ryan

Click to watch the interview with Lisa Manterfield and Jennie Nash.


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 We love celebrating the success stories of our clients. If you have finished a draft, acquired an agent or book deal, won an award or published a novel, please share your success with us and we will help you celebrate.