Our writers feel deeply satisfied

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I’ve been participating in an online pitch fest over the weekend and (squeal) I got 5 requests to submit based on this 50 word summary and first 250 words.



Every time someone asks me how I got this far (and I know it’s only one small step in the journey and I have so much work and learning still to do), I say my amazing coach {Kemlo} from Author Accelerator.

- Lainey Cameron

There's NO WAY, without this kind of accountability and feedback, that I could have done this on my own.

- Henriette Ivanans

The reason I was able to put out two books in quick succession was that I sat on them for YEARS, afraid to take the leap and get them out onto the world. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to you, Lisa, Story Genius, and Author Accelerator for prodding me, albeit lovingly, to the next level. Thank you.

- Lisa Manterfield

If you’re not sold on having a book coach and the expense, let me tell you it’s WORTH IT! I’ve loved everything I’ve done with Author Accelerator.
— Kacey Vanderkarr

Wouldn’t be where I am without Jennie and the AA team -- manuscript to an agent in NYC, another project with an agent in LA. Author Accelerator is the best investment I’ve made yet in my writing life.
— Robert Desiderio

My writing journey would have been stalled on the tarmac if not for Jennie Nash and Author Accelerator. I’m not as far along as I hoped to be, but I’m still at it, and that’s only partly because I’m stubborn--the rest is because of Jennie and Author Accelerator.
— Sonya Meyers