Unless you’re a unicorn writer, you’re going to need to edit your book (a lot) before it’s ready for readers. That often means slogging through the depths of the internet to find an editor who seems like sort of, close to, maybe someone you might trust with your manuscript. And as you’re doing this brutal guesswork, you’re wishing you could just edit the thing yourself.

you can.

Seeing a work in progress with the keen eyes of an editor is a learnable skill. We’ve trained more than 50 book coaches to see the issues in a manuscript – from the big-picture sweep of it, all the way to the nitpicky tweaks – and to instantly know how to fix them. Being able to see your own manuscript in this way is what you can learn in our Book Coach Training and Certification program. Even if you’re not interested in working with other writers, this information can revolutionize your own writing process.

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Transform Your Writing

See your work in progress through the eyes of an editor. Go deep into all the elements of writing an effective novel, from laying the foundation and developing story structure, to identifying what’s not working on the page and knowing exactly how to fix it. Learn step-by-step how to build a story from zero and how to analyze a complete rough draft and make a plan for revision. Plus, get tips on how to manage your creative process so that you actually reach your goals, on your deadline. Feel confident about writing your story, raising your voice, and reaching your goals.

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Build Your Business

Is it your dream to help other writers raise their voice and reach their goals? Do you want to open your own book-coaching business? Are you looking for a way to optimize your existing business? Being an entrepreneur requires a vastly different skillset than being a writer or a book coach, but we’ve got you covered! Author Accelerator co-founder and multiple 6-figure book coach Jennie Nash harnesses all of her business experience and know-how to teach you the steps you need to take to open and run your own successful book-coaching business, including tips on contracts, payment processing, marketing, and more.

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*The Advanced Book Coach Training course is focused on fiction only. Our nonfiction course is coming spring 2020. Payment plans are available. Learn more.

There are no prerequisites to enrolling in this master class. You may take it at any stage of your book-coaching journey to optimize your business. Learn more.

WOW. This book coach program is... just wow. I’m only like 13% in it, but I think that using these methods just saved my own WIP. I’m so gosh durned excited to learn more. Yay for unintentional progress!
— Arra Boles, Advanced Training student

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