Thanks for listening to Jennie Nash's conversation with Erik Fisher on the  Beyond the To-Do List podcast. 

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Since you're here now, we imagine you have a book inside you that has been waiting for a long time to get out, and since you came here from Erik's podcast, we know you value making productive use of your time.

We've pulled a few resources together to help you save yourself years of frustration, so you can get to finishing your book, instead of circling around the same chapters only to abandon them again and again.

The One Question You Must Answer Before You Write Another Page

What's your deep-level why?

You can read a couple of posts Jennie has written about this key question by clicking the buttons below.

Are You Stuck on How to Move Forward?

Join our free Writing Challenge to start creating a roadmap for your book. 

The MomWrites Podcast

Check out this variety show that follows two writer-moms on their journey writing a book with a book coach from start to finish. We also interview other writer-moms (and dads!) and talk about the challenges and joys of writing with young children underfoot. Available on iTunes.

Find Out if Coaching is Right for You

Our core program, Manuscript Accelerator, is a 12-deadline coaching package designed to help you write a rough draft quickly and efficiently. Tell us little bit about your project and your goals, then hop on the phone for a free 30-minute consultation call. We'll answer your questions about how coaching works, our human-centered process of matching writers and coaches, and how our program helps you finish – and finish strong .

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