We hope you had a great time at the WFWA conference! If you've made it here, then you're interested in what Author Accelerator can do for you and your writing life. Here are few of our programs that might be of interest to you:

Blueprint Sprint (October 13-15, 2017)

It's time to take ownership of your book idea.

In one weekend, you'll develop the foundational elements of your novel, start thinking about the demands of the marketplace, and get crystal-clear on what you need to do to bring your book to life.

Blueprint for a Book goes beyond simply plotting your book. During this weekend intensive with Jennie Nash and the Author Accelerator coaching team, you’ll drill down into the most important elements that will drive your novel forward.

Without these in place before you start writing, you could risk YEARS of frustration and a book that goes NOWHERE. But with them, you will come into your full powers as an author.

Make sure your foundation is strong so you can write forward with confidence.

• • •

Revision Sprint (December 8-10, 2017)

Exhausted from revisions?


Get your novel in shape in ONE weekend and stop wasting your time with useless methods.

Next Workshop: December 8th-10th, 2017

By utilizing Jennie Nash's 4 Perspectives theory of revising, you'll learn how to properly self-edit your novel so you can feel confident about moving forward with it.

This weekend intensive will include:

•  Live Working Sessions with an instructor
•  Written feedback from a book coach
•  30 min consultation with a book coach
•  Discount on our Manuscript Accelerator program

And much more! Sign up to be notified when the application opens.

• • •

Manuscript Accelerator (January, 2018)


Our Manuscript Accelerator program which will give you six months of book coaching tailored to what you need right now for your manuscript.  Need to flesh out a new idea? Your coach can help with that. Ready to revise that manuscript? Your coach can help with that. Think you are ready to pitch? Guess what? Your coach can help you with that, too! The whole idea behind this customizable coaching program is to meet your specific needs, help you make a commitment and provide you with the tools and support you need to get to the end.


Now that you've learned more about our programs, are you ready to see for yourself how powerful feedback from a coach can be? Claim your free 10-page edit below:

*NOTE* You must claim your 10-page free edit before September, 30th, 2017. Any submissions after that date will not be reviewed.