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Solve all the problems in your book before you write another word.

A Short-term Coaching Track Focused on
Our Most Effective Planning Tool: the Inside Outline.

Jennie Nash developed the Inside Outline in her work as a book coach, and it has been tested in the trenches by hundreds of writers. It can be used to help you start a book, to help you rescue one that isn’t working, and to guide a revision. It can work for both fiction and memoir. Now you can do this important foundational work for your book with coach support!

Inside Outline Coaching – 4 weeks, 4 deadlines!

We offer a four-deadline coaching program, focused entirely on two of Jennie Nash’s most effective writing tools: the Inside Outline and the One-Page Book Summary. 

Price: $550

Manuscript Accelerator


It gives you the three essential elements you need for creative success:

Accountability so you can't make excuses

You’ll be reaching for your laptop instead of the remote control when you have a book coach waiting for your work.



Focus so you don't get off track

Professional, detailed feedback as you go means you won’t waste hours, days, or years of your life on a story that doesn’t work.



Support where it counts the most

You won’t do this alone. Your book coach will be there to support you, so you can spend less time doubting yourself and more time writing forward.

Mitzi photo Owen Carey.jpg

Mitzi Zilka finished her manuscript in 8 months with Author Accelerator.

“It’s been a wonderful yet intense program. I would recommend it to anyone dedicated and not afraid to work day in and day out.”