We've pulled a few resources together to help you save yourself years of frustration, so you can get to work finishing your book instead of circling around the same chapters only to abandon them again and again.

Get the Two-Tier Outline — the tool KJ relies on to plan and revise her novels.

Download a FREE PDF that explains the Two-Tier Outline and gives you a template to follow. The Two-Tier Outline is a powerful, flexible way to envision your entire novel, whether you are just planning it, somewhere in the middle, or deep in revision.

Go deeper with a one-day course

These courses are short and sweet — just what you need to learn more about the two biggest pivot points in the novel-writing process.


The Two-Tier Outline

Learn more about how this powerful tool works to help you envision your whole novel and capture the flow of scenes. Get a video lesson and case studies, and see how a book coach edits an outline to revise and refine it.

How to Revise a Novel

Learn a proven method to help you tackle a full-manuscript revision in 5 manageable steps. You'll learn how two powerful tools can help you meet your revision goals.

Go big! Let us match you with a book coach to support you all the way to “the end.”

Our core program, Manuscript Accelerator, is a long-term coaching package designed to help you write or revise your book with support and feedback as you go. Tell us little bit about your project and your goals, then hop on the phone for a free 30-minute consultation. We'll answer your questions about how coaching works, our human-centered process of matching writers and coaches, and how our program helps you finish – and finish strong .

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