Solve all the problems in your novel before you write another word.

A Short-term Coaching Track Focused on
Our Most Effective Planning Tool: the Inside Outline.

Jennie Nash developed the Inside Outline in her work as a book coach, and it has been tested in the trenches by hundreds of writers. It can be used to help you start a book, to help you rescue one that isn’t working, and to guide a revision. It can work for both fiction and memoir. Now you can do this important foundational work for your book with coach support!

What is the Inside Outline? 

It’s a short, super simple, flexible outline of your entire book. It has been effectively used by writers in every genre who love to intricately plot out every last element of their novel, and by writers who say they would rather die than outline. Instead of spending months or years writing in circles, you can use the Inside Outline to quickly and efficiently visualize your entire book.

If used as directed, it can save you an enormous amount of time, because it forces you to engineer your story before you write it. It forces you to think strategically before you think stylistically. 

The Inside Outline is transformative. The single biggest shift in my writing ever. Can I give you the Nobel Prize for Generating Better Stories?
— Kate Kimball

Inside Outline Coaching — 4 weeks, 4 deadlines!

We offer a four-deadline coaching program, focused entirely on two of Jennie Nash’s most effective writing tools: the Inside Outline and the One-Page Book Summary. 


Price: $550

I’m in love with the Inside Outline. It took me awhile to understand, but already, not even halfway through Act 1, I’m spotting scenes that are out of order and detail missing from the writing. When you finally see how it works, it’s a marvelous thing.
— Sara Marschand

What happens after Inside Outline coaching?

The Inside Outline coaching program leads smoothly into our 12-deadline Manuscript Accelerator program. In Manuscript Accelerator, your coach can help you build on your outline work when you’re ready to write forward. You and your coach will always have the Inside Outline to refer back to, which will keep your story on track.

Not sure if you’re ready for coaching?

Take the short Inside Outline course to learn how to create this outline. Once you see what it’s all about, you can decide whether you’d like a coach to take a look at your project. Your coach can give feedback on the outline and help you to refine it.


Note: The Two-Tier Outline was renamed to the Inside Outline in June 2019.
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