Episode 0: About Us

because everyone needs to put a face with the name

Melanie & Abby

at Melanie's baby shower in 2011. You'd never know she was HUGE in this picture! (I can only say that now that she is a. not pregnant and b. not huge.)

Melanie and I met before we were moms, when our husbands were in graduate school together, and when it was thought the only thing we had in common was raspberries. True story. Our husbands thought we would make great friends because we both liked raspberries. Little did they know that a love of raspberries was only the beginning... 


holding the "airport sign" I used to find her the first time we met, at a coffee shop on Harvard Square

And little did Jennie know that day that she was having coffee with a super-fan-girl who would suck her into this crazy idea of starting a podcast together... 

Dear listeners, you are not alone.  The things that we struggle with are the same things that many creative moms, regardless of their artistic discipline, struggle with. 

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • Writing is an investment of time, money, energy, and trust.  Many people aren’t willing to invest in themselves.

  • There is an inherent selfishness at the heart of being a writer, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  

  • Writing, as a practice, is very intangible, and that is a struggle that most writers deal with.

  • Writing a book is something that usually happens a little bit at a time in the course of a busy life. The “cabin in the woods” theory is a myth, and if you wait to have three months free and clear of all obligations, you’ll never write a book.

  • Creating mental space for your writing.

  • Denying the creative part of your life won’t do you any favors.  

  • What does Author Accelerator do and why would a writer choose to use this resource?

  • A book coach gives you 1) accountability, 2) you are forced to deal with someone else’s reactions to your work, and this is an essential skill as a writer.

Jennie tells us about her history as a writer-mom (she’s written eight books, people. EIGHT!) and what she’s learned about productivity over the years as a both a writer and a book coach.  She explains her reasons for starting Author Accelerator and why she believes working with a coach is the best way to do your best work.

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