Episode 2: Get Your Head in the Game in the Reality of Your Own Life

Today on Mom Writes we talk about how the “cabin in the woods” myth is unrealistic, and how writing in the reality of your life is the long-term solution to forming a creative habit.  Writing is not just one thing; it’s thinking, processing, listening, and researching - and the good news for us writer-moms is that most parts of writing can be done anywhere!

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Other topics covered in this episode:

  • Giving yourself permission to write + being honest with your family = owning your creative impulse.

  • The cultural devaluation of creativity - we train our students to analyze but over time, creativity falls by the wayside.

  • The skewed metrics for writers - every profession has a learning curve; why not writing?

  • Investing in the tools you need as a writer.

  • Habit and what can be accomplished in small bits of time

Writing a book has as many layers and nuances and skills and complications as any other profession, but we tend not to think about that.” - Jennie Nash

Jennie's Recommended Reading:

A Circle of Quiet
By Madeleine L'Engle

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