Episode 9: NaNoWriMo Tips, Fast-Draft with YA Author Rachel Solomon

Today's amazing guest is YA author (and total master fast-drafter), Rachel Solomon. You can find more information about Rachel here. Her book, You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone is available January 2018 from Simon & Schuster/Simon Pulse.

In this episode:

Rachel's writing process includes fast drafting. Here's how she goes about writing 50K words in a month:

  • plotting, plotting, plotting
  • chapter by chapter outlines, which she often writes nonlinearly
  • keep notes of plot points or details that need to be included along the way
  • if research bogs you down, research after you get the story out, aka do things like {insert medical research here}
  • If you get stuck, don't stagnate. Skip around!
  • her personal mad-libs style of drafting
  • ways to keep track of your personal writing/word count goals
  • the importance of *ahem* getting dressed and ready each morning, even if you never leave the house
You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone
By Rachel Lynn Solomon

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