Episode 26: Finding a Process That Works

Happy New Year, everybody! 

In This Episode:

Jennie talks about how by making decisions in the Blueprint exercises, you actually buy freedom in the writing process.

She also talks about the importance of finding a process that works for you. If your writing process is working, don't mess with it! But if it's not working, find someone you trust and try their process. There are a lot of ways to write a book, so you have to find a process that fits your style. Jennie's is based on her experience writing 8 books, and it's driven by emotional thinking.

Regardless of your process, you have to accept that writing isn't FAST. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

She reminds us that readers want characters who are in charge of their own fate. Readers want to watch characters make decisions and suffer the consequences-- because that's what reading is all about, experiencing consequences through a story. 

 Melanie finally learns what it's like to get out of her own way when writing, and realizes her story is way deeper than she thinks (thanks to "therapist Jennie!"). Jennie also encourages her to "go big or go home" in her story. 

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