Episode 68: Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Welcome to our Halloween episode, regarding one of the scariest things for two awkward 30-something moms - WRITING SEX SCENES.

Abby and Mel talk about the horrifically sexy things Abby learned while thumbing though a confiscated high school freshman's notebook ("Erotic pen pals, oh no!") and what is common/expected in modern YA regarding sex. We agree that the comfort level with bodies and sex with the YA crowd is way higher now than we we were young, or when Abby was teaching high school eight years ago — and that can be a good thing! But also a really hard thing (no pun intended) to wrap your mind around if you're in Generation X/Y writing for Generation Z. 

And then there was that one time Abby accidentally bought a whole box set of Anne Rice porn.


Mel's still on the fence, while writing her adult novel, on whether or not her love interests are going to do the deed. How to you write something sexy but not outright erotica (unless that's what you're going for! In which case go for it!) and write it well, and still have it serve the story?

And Abby wonders how, as a mom, you write a kiss in a middle grades novel that's a) real and b) not TOO intense. 

All these questions and more are answered in next week's episode with Author Accelerator book coach and romance writer Michelle Hazen! Join us next week on Episode 69 (hehehe) as we try to tame our awkwardness as Michelle holds our hands through a magical journey of love, anatomy, and writing sex scenes that don't suck. 

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