Episode 44: Audrey Monke on Parenting & Writing, Part 1


An interview with veteran summer camp director and parenting author Audrey Monke. Join us as Audrey talks to Abby and Mel about the challenges of writing nonfiction, as well as her upcoming book about how to bring camp home. 

In this episode:

On this Episode of MomWrites, we're talking with Audrey Monke, about her awesome life as camp director/mom/parenting expert, and the knowledge she's gained in 30 years of experience as a camp director.

We discuss the tough lessons of childhood and parenting - and both in the age of social media. At what age is it appropriate to start asking your kids' permission to post their images on social media, and how do we start teaching responsibility with social media? According to Audrey, early. Earlier than you might think! Kids pick up a surprising amount of information from their peers and from media itself and are often aware of things like Facebook and Instagram long before they're actually exposed to them.Audrey talks about what it's like raising kids AND training counselors AND caring for campers at in her 30 years of camp directing experience. Audrey has a masters degree in psychology and has done extensive research on positive psychology and parenting, eventually turning this knowledge into a blog, www.sunshine-parenting.com, and her upcoming book. 

We talk about how making one small change in your family routine can make a huge difference in your day, your kids' day, and your family overall. Even if there's a little bit of resistance, kids actually want to connect with you and you'll be surprised at how much they come to rely and expect little traditions you can introduce into your family. Naming three great things that happened to each of you that day, taking turns making meals for the family, or other small traditions full of connection and caring can go a long way towards maintaining relationships. 

Modeling is a powerful tool--one of the best gifts you can give your children is the ability to calm yourself when anxious or upset. Your kids are watching everything, and healthy coping mechanisms are one of the most useful things you can model for your children. 


Check back in next week for the conclusion to our episode with Audrey Monke!

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