Episode 55: Ending Chapters & Doing Some Research

In this episode:

All writers struggle with something. That something may change every time you sit down to write, but Abby has pretty consistently struggled with how to end her chapters. Jennie gives Abby some story-specific advice about how to end her latest submission.

In this episode, Abby also does a little research. Let’s face it, Abby’s research is way more boring than Mel’s. Abby didn’t get to go to a gun range and learn to shoot. Abby didn’t take her car to an ill-frequented gravel road, open the back doors, and peel out. Mel has done some pretty bad-ass research. Abby just talks to people.

But today, Abby talks to someone pretty special— Jennie’s daughter! Jennie’s youngest daughter, Emily, makes an appearance on the show. Home from school for a break, she comes in to talk about how old she was when she first read Pride and Prejudice. It’s an answer that both surprises and delights Abby. But even better is the why behind why she picked it up in the first place. (Spoiler alert: to learn about boys!) The conversation helps Abby pin down more story-specific details.


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