Episode 77: #TBT Encore of the Mom Guilt Episode

It’s Thursday. And who doesn’t like a good #TBT? Especially when your podcast editor is deathly ill and temporarily out-of-commission. So, let us present you with a #TBT episode of Mom Writes.

The Mom Guilt episode was our first “real” episode. I say “real” because not only were Melanie and I just starting our writing journey, but we were also starting our podcasting journey. This was pre- Jeremy Noessel (our fabulous and currently sick editor), so the audio was crappy. Crappy with a capital C. This is because I taught myself to edit a podcast using YouTube. This episode is definitely a snapshot of me— learning to write, learning to feel less guilty about chasing a dream, learning to edit podcasts.

Despite my questionable audio editing skills, I am unashamed of this episode. (Despite an ugly review saying our advice was good but audio quality “unlistenable.”) Let this episode be an encouragement to the rest of you struggling under the mantle of self-doubt. When we first released this episode- and all the other early ones- I would press “publish” and immediately question if it was good enough. I would suppress feelings like, “Ugh! My voice!” and “I wish I had said X instead” and “I wish I hadn’t over-shared.” I still pretty much feel this way, just to a lesser degree!

But here’s the thing. I kept hitting publish. We eventually quit interrupting each other so much. We eventually became more comfortable with each other and being recorded. We eventually had enough listeners to justify hiring an editor (who could edit out our chronic oversharing, of which we are still guilty).

The early episodes were GOOD ENOUGH. You can’t get better without being good enough first.

I just had a conversation about this with a writer in the Author Accelerator Membership Circle. I am hosting a beta reader speed dating event at the end of the month in our forum (details HERE, if you’re interested). She was worried that her jacket copy wasn’t ready. My answer was, “So what. Share it anyway.”

If you wait for things to be perfect, they will never see the light of day. So, that said, here’s our first #TBT Mom Writes episode all about MOM GUILT. Now, go forth and embrace your crappiness and rejoice!

Today Jennie, Mel and I talk about the issues we face as creative people and parents, how to fit writing into your busy life, and the value of doing “intangible” work.  

The best way to guide children without coercion is to be ourselves.
— Madeleine L'Engle, A Circle of Quiet

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • Mom guilt -- how to lean in and accept that your creative endeavors matter to you.

  • How do you balance motherhood/parenthood and maintain a productive writing habit?

  • Sharing with your kids and your family what you’re doing -- tell them you’re writing and what you’re writing about.  

  • Click to tweet: @@One remedy for Mom Guilt? Show don't tell- model hard work and creativity for your kids.@@

  • Your kids DO come first, but there is value in doing what matters to you.

  • The importance of making an active decision to give something else up in order to make time for your writing (laundry, dishes, etc).  

At the end of the day, there is nothing more important for your kids than doing what you’re called to do.
— Jennie Nash

Jennie’s Recommended Reading

A Circle of Quiet
By Madeleine L'Engle

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