Episode 80: Champagne, Cupcakes, and Abby Gets To THE END

In this episode:

I had nothing and now I have something! I have a rough draft.  And Jennie made me feel AWESOME about huge leap my writing took from my initial ten pages to the last chapter of my rough draft. As a matter of fact, Jennie said my last chapter was even loads better than the previous chapter I had turned in. She wanted to know, “What happened? What did you do?”

My only answer was this: I finally figured out what the hell was going on. And I put it on the page. And now I’m ready to tackle the revision and make the first 20 chapters match the last one!

We talk a little bit about my last chapter and my introduction of a new character (who becomes my new favorite character and actually almost made Jennie cry). The new character, Sodapop, is actually a tip of the hat to my writing friend Lorrie Tom. We also talk about the underlying meaning that the books I’m incorporating have with the story. It’s subtle but knowing WHY some of these stories are important helps me make them important to my book as well. It gives them a meaningful role, not just a plot point.

So join us as we celebrate an awesome and important writing milestone!

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