Episode 83: Writing Real Life with Karla Manternach

While Mom Writes is on hiatus between seasons, we bring you a NEW interview!

 This week in episode 83, we welcome MG writer Karla Manternach and her daughter Amelia Zanin.  Karla talks about her book Meena Meets Her Match, a book about a spunky young girl named Meena, who in the midst of an otherwise normal kid-life experiences her first seizure. The book was inspired by her daughter, Amelia’s first seizure, and that’s where the idea for the book began. Karla didn’t write it initially as a children’s book, but as a way to process what was happening. But in the end, she realized there was a role this story could play for other kids and families going through similar experiences.

 In this interview Karla and Amelia discuss:

·      The first version of Meena’s story was dark and very unlike the lighthearted, humorous Junie B Jones or Ramona Quimby characters that children are accustomed to. She had to work to create a story that was both truthful, yet digestible to her audience.


·      Amelia talks about reading her mother’s book for the first time and picking out the places in the story where her mother drew from their lives, and how she felt when her mom changed the events to fit the novel!


·      Checking in with Amelia and getting her blessing as she moved forward with the story


·      For you YA writers, Amelia talks about what she’s reading these days.  


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Meena Meets Her Match
By Karla Manternach


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