Season 2, Episode 17: Do Bad Weeks Make For Bad Writing?

In this episode of Mom Writes

I will update the show notes when Mel gets a chance to write them! (LOL!) But in the meantime, I wanted to let listeners know that we are hosting a webinar all about the One Page Book Summary tomorrow (Tuesday, August 13th) at 7 pm Eastern time. So if you miss Jennie’s voice on the podcast, here ‘s a chance to listen to her do a live coaching session where she goes over a (few?) writers’ book summaries.

What is a One-Page Book Summary? And why is it important? Well, its’ a tool that Jennie created to help you see at a glance the heart and soul of your book. Defining your book on just one page can be enormously comforting when you are deep into writing, revising, moving things around, or just trying to make things work in the first place. One glance at this One-Page Book Summary can bring you back to your story's basics and your purpose for writing it.

So register here and join us! Also, if you can’t make it, I’m pretty sure you should register anyway because you can always watch the replay!

But back to Mom Writes, this episode is all about my (Abby’s) rewritten first chapter. After hitting my Two-Tier Outline (now the Inside Outline) pretty hard and sorting out what I was pretty sure is actually TWO books, I turned my attention back to my draft. The goal was to work in some more magic and the literary world characters into my story from the get-go.

This rewriting of Chapter One also coincided with a pretty crappy Thanksgiving vacation. It was full of stressful situations. So how did I deal with crazy + a writing deadline?

Tune in to see how I did it this week’s episode of Mom Writes!

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