See how Author Accelerator is helping writers get to “the end.”

Develop a Writing Practice

Learn how Author Accelerator helped Erin develop a regular writing practice.

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Doing a Happy Dance

Hear from Veronica on why she celebrated finishing her manuscript with a happy dance.

Power of Accountability

Read how having someone in her corner helped Joan finish her manuscript.

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Having Deadlines

Read about Ken’s dedication to meeting his deadlines to finish his book.

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Digging Deep

See why Weyshawn believes she couldn’t have finished her book without her book coach.

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Immense Growth

Read about Mitzi’s growth as a writer by working with her book coach to finish her manuscript.

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Consistent Feedback

See why Kerri believes the ongoing feedback from her coach helped her cross the finish line.

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Staying on Target

Hear why Glen believes he wouldn’t have finished his book without his coach’s accountability.

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Story Clarity

Mark believes his story is stronger after his coach’s excellent clarity and feedback.

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Tough Love

See why Chris is grateful for the tough love that her coach gave her as she finished her manuscript.

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Producing Pages

Hear from Aditi on why having a coach made her produce pages consistently and finish her book.



Kind things our writers are saying


I’m loving Author Accelerator!

— James Blatch, Self Publishing Formula


I love the process of working with a coach!

— Elaine Schroller


Everything I ever wanted in a book coach!

— Nan Hanway


Best class evah!

— Peggy McFarland