Samantha Specks

I didn't know it was possible to feel this way with my writing. My coach is a delightful person and fantastic fit as an editor. I'm not sure how you match writers and coaches - but whatever you do sure worked for me!! She has given me the accountability, critique, and guidance to take my story to the next level. Her enthusiasm for my vision has given me the confidence to dive even deeper into the heart of my story. For the first time, my book isn't just a dream, it's turning into a reality. Through Author Accelerator my potential as a writer and the full scope of this book are coming to be. Worth every penny. Thank you!

- Samantha Specks

Jennifer Baylor

Yes! I feel like I have a better plan and idea for working forward than ever before. Dawn and I have hit it off and she's been tremendous help in getting this novel off the ground. There's still so much to do and learn, but I'm feeling more confident and can see a way through for the first time. I'm 26% through my novel in month one. This program has already been worth the investment. I look forward to the remaining five months.

- Jennifer Baylor