Watch Follow-Up Q&A with Jennie Nash

Watch the Four Perspectives Video

The Four Perspectives is the foundation on which we will build our understanding of revision. Watch the video so you have an understanding of what those perspectives are and how they work. The video is almost an hour long, so feel free to bookmark this page and come back later.

THURSDAY Handouts & Slides

WFWA Assignments Checklist

The One-Page Book Summary

The Two-Tier Outline

The One-Hour Chapter Audit

Other things I promised:

Piece on Harlan Coban and time

Two-Tier Examples

Example 1 — middle-grade, very rough. See if you can spot the holes

Example 2 – With Notes — YA, pretty good shape

Example 4 – With Notes — women’s fiction, great job on this draft

FRIDAY Examples

Editing Examples

Tammy Harrow Summary

Tammy Harrow Chapter


Jill Anderson Summary

Jill Anderson Chapter


Alison Hammer Summary

Alison Hammer Chapter

PowerPoint Revision Plan

Book Revision Plan


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Handouts for Saturday — Don’t Peek!

The Universal Constants of Creativity

The Revision Cycle