Episode 21: Why NOW?

This episode is pure book-coaching MAGIC, people! It's more than a brainstorming session. It's brainstorming with a higher purpose. It's brainstorming on crack. It's just, it's just... Argh! Jennie is so good! 

In this episode 

We break down the question WHY NOW? 

  • When asking yourself where in your story to start your book, you must determine why now. Why does now matter? 
  • Why does your book start at the moment it does? Not before, not after. Why now? 
  • Abby looks at the why now question in terms of her middle grades novel, and why the age of the main character directly affects its answer. 
  • Then you need to marry the what happens to the why it matters
  • And if you can base all that on what you really want to write about-- that's what makes a story work. 

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