Episode 20: Word of the Day- Why

In this episode

Melanie asks herself why, why, why??

Why is WHY so important? 

  • Readers don't read for the what, they read for the why.
  • While writing, constantly ask yourself WHY.
  • Asking why gets you to narrow down that thing you secretly want to write about.
  • You must be both universal and specific.

Jennie, hilariously, chooses a workout station next to a librarian at the gym in order to pick her brain for added insight into the topic.  Jennie and Abby talk about:

  • The struggle children's authors have when choosing the age of their main character (and narrowing down the target age of their readers).
  • How to target readers by being specific. Sometimes by isolating a group of readers, you can ultimately attract a larger audience. (Think Harry Potter-- how many of us were teenage boys when we read Harry Potter?!)
  • You have to dial into who your book is actually for, and to do so you must DECIDE.
  • Make decisions- choose one thing and let the others go.

While we now know that Lewis CK has total issues, back when we recorded this episode he was just another funny comic. Jennie references this clip:

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