Episode 4: Time Management, An Interview with Writer-Dad Dan Blank

Dan Blank is pretty amazing. No, Dan is not short for Danielle, and as he is quick to point out, he's not a mom. But he is a dad- and a writer, and a blogger, and an entrepreneur- who works from home with small children. He also runs a mastermind group for creatives, which you can find more information on here

Also, let's face it. Anyone who includes a nap in their time management strategies is OK in my book. Dan Blank for the win.

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In today's episode:

Dan talks about:

  • working from home and setting boundaries & expectations for your family
  • time blocking as a means of being more productive
  • energy blocking to help schedule your tasks when you are most likely to be successful
  • his empathetic philosophy on communicating with others in today's busy age
  • napping as a way to reset your day (can I have a hallelujah?!) 
I take a full-on nap. A change your clothes, draw the curtains nap. 7 days a week. Every day of the year. It’s a reset. There’s something nice about having a moment to yourself when you feel responsible.
— Dan Blank

Dan reads a lot of books about the emotional side of creative work. Here are his suggestions.

Dan's Recommended Reading:

Abby's Recommended Reading: 

Also make sure to check out Dan's podcast, Dabbler vs. Doers, which you can find on iTunes here