Episode 5: Abby's First Book Coaching Experience

“Anything that stretches the mind is a help to the potential author.”
— Madeleine L'Engle, A Circle of Quiet

In this episode

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When Melanie and I decided to do this podcast, we knew we wanted to start with the Blueprint for a Book class. Blueprint for a Book is Author Accelerator’s 6-week intensive course that walks you through the process of THINKING BEFORE YOU WRITE. Jennie Nash designed this class after years of coaching writers through the process. And here’s the cool thing, the thing that makes it DIFFERENT. It’s a one-on-one class with a book coach. It’s all about you and bringing your idea to fruition. It’s about doing the pre-writing necessary to make a killer first draft.

The first step to enrolling in the Blueprint for a Book class is to fill out the application and send in 10 sample pages. Melanie and I did that, and we are happy (and a little nervous) to share our applications and our sample pages here. Are you curious about the application, our answers, and how our pages may look compared to yours? Well, here they are!  INSERT LINK


Yikes, right?! At least on my part! As Jennie said, an agent wouldn’t have even made it off the first page of my story. Did you?  

  • What happens after you apply for the Blueprint for a Book class (or book coaching with Author Accelerator)
  • The difference between a more conventional writing class, working with a traditional publisher, and working with a book coach
  • How can a book coach tell what I need after looking at just 10 sample pages?
  • How a book coach can help us harness the power of story and help us craft a book where our characters make meaning out of what is happening to them.
  • How a book coach can help a writer find the methods of writing that will work best for him or her.  

We are going to link to the Simon Sinek TED Talk video about WHY.  It comes up over and over in our talks, so we will post it over and over. Seriously, folks, it’s THAT important!

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