Episode 6: Author/Illustrator/Supermom Lori Richmond

In this episode

Lori Richmond, author/illustrator of Pax and Blue and Bunny's Staycation talks about:

  • her process for writing and illustrating picture books
  • children are a treasure trove of ideas
  • her transition from a 20-year corporate job to being self-employed
  • one word- BABYSITTER
  • interruptions cause stress and resentment, which is not fair to the kids and leads to poor quality work
  • separating family life and work life is better for her creative process and her sanity
  • BUT involve the kids when possible 
  • take a walk- shift your perspective from it being "wasted time" to "wandering time"

Some non-writing, but super fun subjects that we talk about:

  • the pros and cons of Amazon's Alexa! (Abby is pro, Lori is con!)
  • Lori's Instagram project
  • how she connected running and art, her parallels between running and creating

Lori's Recommended Reading: 

Subway Story
By Julia Sarcone-Roach
I Don't Like Koala
By Sean Ferrell

Lori's Books:

Pax and Blue
By Lori Richmond
A Hop Is Up
By Kristy Dempsey
By Tim Kubart

A Hop is Up and Oopsie Do are illustrated by Lori Richmond.


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